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Trail-made eCommerce Solutions

KBPLUS SYSTEM is a leading eCommerce web development and mCommerce development service provider company Hong Kong that helps these businesses to adopt state-of-the-art eCommerce solutions to cater their business services with all customer experience.

Website Development

We build e-commerce websites with modern-day features integration like location-based services, check-ins, coupons, and a QR code as per the industry-specific requirements.

Mobile App Development

Our eCommerce Apps has the power to attract more potential customers with interactive and engaging features like Mobile wallet, Easy Product Navigation, Order and Cart Management, Discount Program for Customers Loyalty etc.

Mobile CRM Development

Let your sales team access the customer data anytime, anywhere with our mobile CRM app and cloud-based CRM development solutions.

Website Design

We deliver high quality and responsive m-commerce themes development solutions to give a unique and attractive look to your online store.

eShop Development

Our customized mobile shopping cart web design & development services can enhance the functionality of your online store and customers browsing and purchasing experience as well.

New eCommerce Technology

E-commerce is the backbone of the myriad of businesses, helping them to enhance the bottom line profit and ROI. As days are passing, the eCommerce industry is transforming itself to accomplish the demands of consumers and technology.

Augmented Reality (AR) for eCommerce

Take an innovative step and give an impressive experience to your customers, with our new-flanged AR eCommerce Solutions. AR integration with your online store will help your customers to visualize and understand the particular product in real-time view.

Digital Wallets

Build your own e-commerce website with digital wallet integration and offer your customers a speedy and secure shopping. Digital wallets give a convenient and easy payment approach to your customers.

Integration third party Applications

Our API integration services facilitate the data integration with third-party applications and SDKs like Apple touch, Masterpass, Google Wallet. We also offer integration of Social media APIs such as Twitter, Facebook, Google + and payment gateway integration such as PayPal,, DirectDebit etc.

Search Engine Optimization

With effective SEO campaigns and strategies, our in-house team of SEO experts ensures to get more visitors for your e-commerce website and be on the top of search engine ranking.

Contextual Search

Our contextual search strategies keep the customer engaged with your e-commerce website. Practicing on effective contextual marketing techniques, we assure to get high sales and targeted traffic for your e-commerce business.

eCommerce Machine Learning Solution

Our machine learning solutions help you understand the customer and their relationship with your brand in a one-on-one fashion. It will facilitate you to make better decisions for increasing engagement and relevance in parallel.

eCommerce Consultant Services

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The template is well adapted for mobile devices and all displays.

Improper handling of customer complaints.

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Lack of communication with online customers.

Clean and uncluttered design template will please your customers

Lack of analysis online sales & platform data.

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